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Bank of America Home Retention Program is Wacked

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Bank of America

Tuesday, 14 June 2011 09:11

Home Retention Program is Fraudulent

How is that Home Retention Program coming along?  Well, here is my experience…

Here is another one of those Bank of America Complaints. It has been over a year ago when Countrywide held my mortgage.  At the time, I had put in for a hardship letter as well as all my financial statements proving it. It was taking them soooo long to actual do anything about it.  Well, Bank of America (BOA), I thought, came to the rescue when they took over everything. Four times I have submitted my financial statements because they either replaced them or they expired because of the wait. So much has happened that I have decided to keep a record of the happenings right here on GrandDollar.

I also want to mention that this institution does not really want to help anyone. They rather you pay that large mortgage payment rather then quickly resolve the issuse. they use excuses after excuses, delays and more delays, anything to keep getting that hefty payment month after month as you will see by the entries below…

Making Homes Affordable?  I think not!

This is all true folks!


S/w Lisa: Transferred me to Eli 866-422-5871 – Application went to Imminent Default Department on June 18th – Transferred to IDD – S/w Ashley – Under review with the Underwriter – Estimated Time of Completion (ETC) : End of July to the beginning of August…

08/13/10 Called Bank of America and S/w Sanceria – Check back in 2 weeks.

08/26/10 1:30 PM – Called Bank of America and s/w Adam Wessenger – 954-837-5185– called my home – I wasn’t home because I was at work.

08/27/10 Called Bank of America and s/w Adam – He needs 4 paystubs – Fax 866-380-1994

08/31/10 Called Bank of America and S/w Adam – He will get me an answer within 45 days.

09/20/10 – Received a letter from BOA stating I was not eligible for a Home Affordable Modification (HAM) due to Excessive Forbearance. My loan is not eligible for a HAM because they were unable to create an affordable payment equal to 31% of my reported monthly gross income without changing the terms of my loan beyond the requirements of the program.

Come to find out, they neglected to add the Rental Income and now I would have to go through an appeal process and it wasn’t even my fault.

09/21/10 – S/w Danielle: She said to try back on 10/04/10 – The appeal will take 2 weeks.

10/12/10– Called Bank of America and S/w Adam: He said to be patient – He cannot advise me anymore than that.

11/02/10Called Bank of America and S/w Steve -866-422-5871- It will take a week to 10 days.

11/12/10Called Bank of America and S/w James: Check back 2 to 3 weeks on the finalization process 11/19/10 to 12/2/10 – No promises when.

12/07/10S/w Mike Anthroni: It will be very soon.

01/05/11– S/w Dominique: Completed Underwriter on 11/17/10 – Went to Final Review – Will go out FedEx – No time window.

01/28/11S/w Lori: She put in a note for me about Jan 7 that it would be about Feb. They put in Jan 5th to extend watch.

02/21/11S/w Rashawn – All fine.

02/21/116:16 PM on Monday – BOA left a message for me to call them back.

02/22/118:00 AM – S/w Elisa (Ext 4900) : Kafilat needs 2 months of most recent bank statements, 2 months of most recent pay stubs, a signed Hardship Letter , signed and dated income analysis, 2008 & 2009 tax returns, and a current utility bill faxed to 800-658-0395– Must be done in 48 hours!

02/22/1112:35 PM – Called BOS and s/w April – The call center is currently down.

02/23/11S/w Lashina: Gave me the number to HOPE who I faxed my documents to : 877-422-1761– S/w Carlos : He says that he is Home Retention Service, NOT Home Retention Division (HRD) – He transferred me to HRD – Left on hold then the call dropped off on its own.

02/23/11S/w Kim : She gave me the number of 877-767-0706(Another HOPE number) and she also transferred me – The number is no longer in service and it said to try this new number:800-669-6650which just came off with a loud high pitched sound when I connected to it – Called it again and got through – S/w Scott: He said the Fax number I was given was a personal one so it was incorrect – Try this one: 713-583-9811.

03/08/11S/w Reginald – Under Final Review – Decision will be on the 29th of March – Monique Parker-Taylor is performing the review process – [email protected] – 877-804-4169Ext 38616.

03/26/11– 11:50AM – Temi called to say she needs February and March’s bank statements. She also needs a copy of a utility bill. So I faxed her copies of my utility bills which included LIPA and Lewis Oil as wells as the bank statements on 3/29/11.

03/29/1103:18 PM – Answering machine picked up – I left a message for her to return my call.

03/29/1104:15 PM – S/w Monique – 804-515-2140: She needs my last pay stubs for this month within 48 hours so she can move forward – I will fax them tomorrow morning…. Fax 800-658-0395

03/30/11– 09:49 AM – Faxed over the documents to 800-658-0395.

5/12/2011Today I left my 4th voice message for Monique to call me back because there has been no word. Called and s/w Marcus Jones: He says that she closed her case because the appeal had been approved but my name was not submitted into the chain… He is taking care of that right now… Notation for the Loan to be reviewed by a processor or underwriter. Call back in 2 weeks. “Making Homes Affordable” are the ones I need to contact.

05/26/11S/w Mary – No decision made yet – Hopefully by Tuesday, May 31.

06/02/11S/w Mark – Escalation is in review. He is going to have a Specialist call me back with a better update…

06/13/11S/w Jennifer – She says it shows that an escalation was submitted – It also shows that on the 2nd there was a request for the Specialist to contact me – The Escalation was submitted on the 19th of May and it would take 30 days, however, the time has not reached that limit yet and there will be no Specialist contacting me unless they need more documents…

06/28/11S/w Judy and then Alvin – Still at the final stages and waiting for the final approval of the Home Investor – Nothing has changed – She also says that considering they have not asked for any paperwork, it is a good sign – They have to go by government guidelines… Meanwhile I received a letter in the mail stating that my interest rate has increased to 3.500% which increased my payment $173.57 more. – S/w David in the Customer Service Department : The ARM is adjusted by Wall Street and there is nothing BOA can do…

7/25/11 -Received a Fedex from BOA – It read:

We have reviewed your appeal of our decision that your loan is not eligible for the federal government’s Home Affordable Modification Program. Unfortunately, this letter is to inform you that your loan is still not eligible for the program.

As we shared with you in a previous letter, your loan could be eligible for assistance through other programs. We urge you to call us at 1.88.325.5399 to discuss your options for avoiding a foreclosure sale of your property…”

I called that number and S/w Joyanne : As of July 11th my account is still under review… She said to disregard the letter because it was sent out delayed. I asked her does that mean that the same letter will come visit me at another date? She said no; just continue to call them once a week…

08/10/11S/w Nicki: She asked me if I received the appeal letter and that currently, my loan is no longer under review. I explained to her that that should not be the case because of what Joyanne said to me on the 25th of July. She checked the records and found exactly what I said… She then put me on hold to do some research. When she came back to the phone, she said I was dropped and I would have to reapply. I requested to speak to a Supervisor… S/w Terry the Supervisor: He said I was dropped from the program because I didn’t have enough income. I asked him to check my income information I provided and found they had me down as being paid bi-weekly instead of weekly… He suggested that I fax him over 30 days worth of pay stubs because they were difficult to read – Fax:800-658-0395– After they receive the documents, they will be resubmitted immediately… Note: Why didn’t someone tell me they were difficult to read before?  Did anyone actually look at them?

08/11/201107:06 AM – I faxed over my Pay Stubs to BOA…

08 /22/11 -S/w Tisha: She said the modification loan had been declined because I waited past the 30 day to answer and that I will need to reapply – What?!! – Explained to her that I s/w Terry the Supervisor the other day and all I needed was my Pay Stubs faxed over. I asked to s/w the Supervisor. Craig came on the line and said that I needed to reapply for the loan because it was outside the 30 day window to request an appeal. I asked to speak with Terry but he said the way the phone system works, he couldn’t transfer me. I then asked to have him email me and also gave him my cell phone number. I also requested he send me everything he said in black & white. Craig said Terry may not get back with me by the end of the day but maybe tomorrow. I am totally livid.

08/22/11 -Wrote Peter King, my Congressman and informed him of everything. Let’s see what happens…

08/23/11Terry the Supervisor never called me back nor emailed me. Nothing about this was professional coming from such a well known bank.

08/25/11S/w Tammy: Declined for the Making Homes Affordable program – For that program, my documents were received (faxed) 13th of Aug 2011 and declined on Aug 22nd 2011 because the documents were submitted past the deadline… It is not making any sense. She said on April the 15 my workout was closed (anything dealing with my modification) yet, I was lead to believe all this time that everything was dandy. Even though I was denied from the program, she gave me their number anyway to find out why I was denied. I have to reapply for a whole new program.

08/27/11Received a letter today from Peter King (House of Representatives) dated Aug 25, 2011 – It said that BOA requires that I complete the attached privacy release form before they work on my request. I am to send the signed form to Michael Schillinger in Massapequa Park. I am also to provide all information which will help him deal with my case… Working on it now…

09/05/11 – Labor Day – Faxed over all the documents to Mr. Schillinger’s office.

09/06/11 – Called Peter King’s office and spoke with the Receptionist. She said Mr. Schillinger is not in today but the documents are sitting on his Desk.

09/15/11 – Letter from Congressman Peter King’s office dated September 12, 2011, thanking me for my recent contacting of his Massapequa Park District Office regarding my problem I was experiencing with BOA.  In an effort to be of all possible assistance, he has contacted BOA on my behalf. As soon as he receives  a reply to his inquiry, he will get in touch with me.  He also assured my that he has a continuing  interest in this matter… 🙂

09/15/11 – 12:34PM – Voice Message: Mr. Roberts, my name is Chari. I’m at Bank of America’s office of the CEO & President. I’ve received an inquiry that was submitted on your behalf by Congressman Peter King’s office. I just wanted to let you know I have the inquiry. I’m doing some research, assigning someone to review the account for modification.  Give me a few days and I will be back in touch with uh some answers for you. Again, my name is Chari, NNN-NNN-NNNN. Once again, NNN-NNN-NNNN. Thank you.

09/20/11 – Chari called and told me that he is going to let the Customer Relations Manager, Humphrey Ochieng, handle this.  He was confused about certain aspects of the case as well but he thinks that Humphrey will be able to help me out.  Call him at 877-430-1431 or 800-669-6650.

09/20/11 – Called Humphrey Ochieng – He is going to see what he can do but will have to call me tomorrow at noon if he doesn’t call me back by 5PM today.  He says that I will need to do an Appeal..  An Appeal?  Why do I need to do an appeal when everything I have done was done in the correct manner.  Shouldn’t this be done inside that back scenes of BOA. Shouldn’t they be correcting their own mistakes? Why do I have to start the whole procedure and suffer all over again?  Well, I am going to calm down and wait and see where this leads.  It DOES, however, look like they are at least trying to helpe me, though not in the way I wish…

09/21/11 – Mr. Ochieng has not called me yet.  If he doesn’t call me by the end of the day, I will call him tomorrow.

09/22/11 – Left a voice message for Mr. Ochieng.

09/22/11 – Left another voice message for Mr. Ochieng using the 2nd phone number.

09/23/11 – Left a voice message for Mr. Ochieng.

09/23/11 – Left a voice message for Shari. Called Mr. Ochieng 2 more times.

09/23/11 – Came home and found that Mr. Ochieng called my home instead of work per my voicemails at 1:20PM, 1:22PM, & 6:30PM.  At 1:20 PM, he apologized for not returning my phone call in time and to call him back… It is now 8:30Pm on Friday…  Received and envelope with 3 letters from Peter Kings office. The first letter read:

Enclosed is the reply I received from the Bank of America in response to my recent inquiry made on your behalf.

The communication is self explanatory. I hope this information is helpful.

Thank you for allowing me to be of assistance to you in the matter.  If I can be of service to you with future matters of the federal government, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

09/26/11 – 10:48AM – S/w Mr. Ochieng – He apologized my calling so many times and he was using the system to call me back rather than my work number I left in every message – He says that he need to be granted access to the system so he can’t do anything fo me right now so I need to call him back on Thursday – He said it i not my fault that I cannot get the Appeal started and the problem is on their end – Their system needs to be updated…

09/29/11 – 01:35 PM – I called Mr. Ochieng – He still didn’t get access to the sytem and he needs to find someone who can so the appeal can be accomplished.  I have up to Oct 15th to file.  Mr. Ochieng said to call back after th 3rd of Oct (Monday).  By then he shall have all the answwers including what documents i need to submit.  I set my Calendar for the 4th of Oct @ 11AM.

10/04/11 – 11:03 AM – Left Voice Mail for Mr. Ochieng.

10/05/11 – 11:03AM – Called Mr. Ochieng – He immediately placed me on hold – He didn’t return back to the line until 53 minutes later.

10/05/11 – 12:10 AM – He apologized for leaving me on so long and said he should have told me and would have called me back.  He has to issue a review on the loan for modification. He will call me back every 2 to 3 days to keep me updated.  It should be completed in within 15 days.  He said I can call back if I wish rather than wait for him.

10/10/11 -1 2:25 PM – Left VM for Mr. Ochieng.

10/11/11 – 12:37 PM – Left VM for Mr. Ochieng.

10/12/11 – 04:45 PM – Left VM for Mr. Ochieng.

10/13/11 -12:07 PM – Left VM for Mr. Ochieng.

10/14/11-02:46 PM – Left VM for Mr. Ochieng.

10/14/11-02:50 PM – Left VM with 877-430-1431 –  Ext: 276142  Ashley Ross – If I don’t hear from either one of them within 48 hours, call their Supervisor: John Chavananoff at 757-668-0234

10/17/11-04:08 PM – S/w Mr. Ochieng – (The deadline for the 15th has now passed so now the phone is being answered) :  He said it looks like it is still under review – He will call me back at 4Pm Friday, 10/21/11.

10/21/11 – Never returned the phone call.

10/24/11 – 05:06PM – S/w Mr. O – He appealed the application on the 17th. Waiting for the process to be cleared and a package to be sent to me…

10/28/11 – 01:56 PM – S/w Humphrey Ochieng : He took some of the same information and said to call back every day – (Fridays)

11/04/2011 – 04:11 PM – S/w Humphrey Ochieng : Needs the documents :

2 Copies of a Utility Bill. (I guess they lost my others I constantly send them)
Reason why I don’t have a copy of a Home Owners Association certificate, HOA  (I was never asked about this before…ever)
Recent 8 pay stubs (not 4 mind you.. 8!!)
W2 Forms – 2010, 2009 (They lost these as well?)
List of monthly expenses (Lucky thing I KEEP my copies!)
2010 Taxes and schedules signed and date (sigh)
Signed 4506T Form
Profit & Loss Statement – Jan to now
2 recent bank statements – All pages  (as though I didn’t give them all the pages before)
Schedule E – Supplement  Income and loss : Rental Income (I mean seriously)
All this has to be faxed to them by the 18th of November (BOA is going to get another HEFTY mortgage payment yet again for the 1st – Asyou can see, they are dragging this out to get as much money from me as possible while I still am able to pull it off)
FAX 312-453-3462

11/17/2011 – Faxed over all appropriate documents today.

11/26/2011 – Received a letter today from Mr. Ochieng ” “We have received your request for a home loan modification.  Unfortunately, your loan is not eligible for the following reason(s):

  • Your loan is not eligible for a modification because you did not provide us with the documents we requested.”

The letter also stated that my options were either a Short Sale or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure.

I left another message for Mr. Ochieng to see exactly what documents he did not get and to also find out, why did he not call me about it but instead decide to send me a denial letter instead.

11/28/2011 – 12:42 PM – Called to s/w Mr. Ochieng – Left Voice Message. The message states to call his manager if he doesn’t return my call.

11/29/2011 – 12:24 PM – Called to s/w Mr. Ochieng – Left Voice Message. 12:27 PM – Called to s/w Ashley Ross (Mr. Ochieng’s Manager) – Left Voice Message. The message states to call his manager if he doesn’t return my call.  Her greeting says that she will not be in until the 28th of Nov.

11/30/2011 – 01:45 PM – Called to s/w Mr. Ochieng – Left Voice Message. 01:47 PM – Called to s/w Ashley Ross – Left Voice Message. 01:50 PM Called to s/w John Cavaonoff (Ashley Ross’s Manager) – Left Voice Message. The message states to call his manager if he doesn’t return my call.

12/01/2011 – Called to s/w Mr. Ochieng – Left Voice Message. Called to s/w Ashley Ross – Left Voice Message. Called to s/w John Cavaonoff – Left Voice Message. Called to s/w Maria (John Cavaonoff’s Manager) – Left Voice Message. Her greeting says she will not return until Tuesday, Oct 26th.

12/02/2011 – 01:20 PM – S/w Mr. Ochieng : He said the reason it was declined was because I didn’t supply proof of rental income though it was acknowledged in my Income Tax paperwork – Also because I would have not been able to get it approved anyway because I either had to have a death in the family, a divorce… I stopped him right there and asked him “Do you mean to tell me you don’t have my Divorce Decree?”  He looked it up and found it and said I could try again. I am going to fax him 6 months worth of rental stubs givien to me by Section 8 & Social Services so that he can reapply…  smh.

12/05/2011 – 10:15 AM – Faxed over the 6 months Rental Proof plus a few more for good measure.

12/06/2011 – 12:09 PM – S/w Mr. Ochieng : Verified that he received the fax. He also said from now on to call a different phone number to contact him: 877-471-4367  (He probably already knows this was going to get disapproved as well and wants to keep me separate from the other customers).

12/12/2011 – Fedex came in from BOA today stating I was disapproved:

“You are not eligible for a modification of your home equity line of credit because your current monthly housing expense which includes your first mortgage, consisting of the monthly principal and interest payments, plus property taxes, hazard insurance, mortgage insurance, and homeowner’s dues (if any), is considered to be unaffordable under this program.”

This is totally crazy that I went from approved to this with ALL these reasons why I cannot be approved…

12/12/2011 – Called both numbers of Mr. Ochieng and left a message.

So there you have it folks; I left right back where I started but a whole lot worse…

12/21/2011 – Called BOA – They said that if I wanted to reapply to resubmit the paperwork…

01/09/2012 – Faxed over all new paperwork

01/10/2012 – Left message for Mr. Ochieng and also left a message for John Cavaonoff who’s message says he will return the call within one business day (he didn’t return the call the last time I call him). Called Mr. Ochieng’s other Ext Number and left a message.

01/10/2012 – 03:30 PM – Left voice message with Chris, Default Loan Manager

01/16/2012 – 03:10 PM – Left another voice message with Chris, Default Loan Manager who’s mesage instructions say to repeat my phone number twice and /pthat he will get back to me in one business day…

01/18/2012 – 10:25 AM – Left voicemail with Chari (refer to 09/15/11 – 12:34PM) to call me back and stressed that it was important.

01/18/2012 10:53 AM – Called the regular number to BOA (1.800.669.6607) and s/w Sheenan : I explained to her that I could speak to a humn in the Home Retention Dept – She failed to speak to anyone as well – She transferred me and i wound up right where I started; leaving a message. Left another message for Chris Von Kueser.  The message also stated I could call Antione Myer at 757-471-4367 or Monica Mason at 757-471-4367 Ext 366104 – I called to s/w Monica but wound up back in Chris’ voice box again.

01/18/2012 – 11:40 AM – Called and left a message for Humphrey Ochieng.

01/20/2012 – 04:55 PM – Stiill have not heard anything from anyone since I faxed in the apllication – Called and left a message for Humphrey Ochieng – 877-471-4367  Ext 366136 & 877-430-1431 #276136, John Cavanoff – 757-668-0234, Charles Patterson – 757-668-0113, and Artimese Jackson – 757-668-0109

01/20/2012 – Came home and found a letter from BOA in my mailbox dated January 11, 2012:

Important Message About Your Loan

This letter is to acknowledge receipt of your recent inquiry about your home loan.  We are in the process of obtaining the documentation and information necessary to address your questions.  We appreciate your patience while we research your request.

Thank you

If you have any additional questions while we research your request, please call us at 1-800-669-6607, Monday-Friday 7a.m. – 7p.m. Local Time.


01/30/2012 – Received letter dated January 23, 2012 from BOA that read the following:

About Your Home Loan

We recently received your request regarding a loan modification on the above referenced loan.

Your request has been forwarded to a specialist in the appropiate department for further research.  We appreciate your patience while information is gathered in order to respond to your request. We will contact you by telephone or in writing when our review is complete.

Thank you for your business

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-669-6650.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve your home loan needs.

<double sigh>

02/01/2012 – 12:53 PM – Sarah from “Dignified Transition Solutions” called and said she was contacting me on behalf of BOA.  She wanted to know if I was interested in the short sale of my home or would I rather keep it and work it out with the bank – It told her I didn’t want to lose my home I would like to work it out with the bank – She said okay and would inform BOA…

02/03/2012 – Chris of BOA called and said I was no longer eligible for a modification review but he will help me get caught up up on payments.  He is also going to try and push the loan request through one more time to see if they will accept it.  It should take about a week… He sees and confirms all the new paperwork I had faxed over on the 9th (and I am wondering why I didn’t have him helping me in the beginning) – His contact info is 877-471-4367

Valentine’s Day – 02/14/2012 – Received a FedEx from BOA today :

“Thank you for updating us about your situation as it applies to your application for the federal government’s Home Affordable Modification Program.  Under the guidlines of the program, you are not eligible for a loan modification through your original application and information; therefore, your original application has been closed.

However, since you told us your information has changed, you are eligible to reapply for the program.

To submit a new application, please send us the documents listed on the following page by February 26, 2012. We have included a pre-paid envelope for youre convenience.

If you have any questions, please call 1.800.669.6650

We look forward to receiving your new application.

Christopher Funkhouser

Home Loan Team

Bank of America, N.A.

Enclosures: () Checklist (2) Request for Modification and Affidavit (3) IRS Form 4508-T (4) Dodd-Frank Certification Form (5) Frequently Asked Questions (6) Pre-paid Return Envelope.

Bank of America, N.A. is required by law to inform you that this communication is from a debt collector.  However, the purpose of this communication is to let you know about your potential eligibility for a loan modification program that may help you bring or keep your loan current through affordable payments.”

Now didn’t I just send them a complete package with all this info on the 9th of January? Why can’t they use at least “some” of that package?

BOA Checklist Document

02/17/2012 – S/w Christopher Funkhouser : I asked him was it really necessary to resend all those documnet I just sent.  He was willing to to work with me on this. He said to send a new January Bank Statement, 4 paystubs for January, a letter stating why I am just sending them the downloaded copy of my bank statement (because I opted out of getting paper statements) instead of a hardcopy, the Request for Modification and Affidavit, and the Dodd-Frank Certification Form.

02/20/2012 – FedEx’d new loan application package to BOA today…

02/23/2012 – 10:46 AM – Called and left a message.

02/23/2012 – 04:46 PM – S/w Christopher Funkhouser : He received the fax and he feels that all the docs are there but however, they may ask for some more later on – He says it may take 2 weeks…

03/05/2012 – 02:43 PM – Left a Voice Message for  Christopher Funkhouser.

03/05/2012 – Received FedEx from BOA – Letter Dated March 01, 2012

March Document Request

I Can’t Believe It!

03/06/2012 – Left another message for Christopher Funkhouser

3/6/2012 6:47 PM – Christopher Funkhouser left a message apologizing for getting back to me so late and he thinks he knows what the this is all about. He is on top of it.

03/07/2012 – 12:49 PM – Left another message for Christopher Funkhouser to call me back…

03/07/2012 – 3:25 PM – S/w Christopher Funkhouser : He said I will need 2 proof of income on my 2 rentals, another letter of explanation stating why I have giving them direct bank printout statements instead of the regular paper  statements, 2 proofs of receipt of my pension, and a letter of explanation about why I am getting a certain amount of rental payment.

03/12/2012 – Faxed off and FedEx’d requested paperwork to BOA…

03/13/2012 – 01:48 PM – Left VM for Christopher Funkhouser to call me back and let me know he received everything he asked for.

03/13 2012 – 04:57 PM – Christopher Funkhouser returned my call (Looks like he is the best perosn so far to rectify this problem!) and has received my fax – So far it looks good to him and he will resubmit it now.  He also gave me his fax number: 213-457-2692

03/22/2012 – 07:51 PM – Received a voice message from BOA – They need more documentation – Left a message with Christopher Funkhouser asking about what paperwork.  I will call him again tomorrow if he does not call me back…

03/23/2012 – -10:15 AM – Left telephone Message with Christopher Funkhouser.

03/23/2012- 11:12 AM – Christopher Funkhouser returned my call – He will need 2 recent bank statements from my bank faxed over to him. I will visit my bank this weekend and fax him over the paperwork Monday morning….

03/26/2012 – 08:55 AM – Faxed over the 2 most recent monthly bank statements to BOA that my Credit Union printed out for me on 03/24/2012.

03/26/2012 – 05:06 PM – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser to see if he received the fax.

03/29/2012- 10:30 AM – Left another message for Christopher Funkhouser.

04/04/2012 – 03:01 PM – Left another message for Christopher Funkhouser.

04/04/2012 – 05:22 PM – Christopher returned my call saying that he received the fax and submitted my paperwork. I should here back from him in less than 2 weeks. He will follow up sometime next week.

04/06/2012 – Good Friday – Received a FedEx today – After faxing and FedExing them the most updated Bank Statements I could possibly give them directly from the bank, BOA said as of the date of this letter dated April 04, 2012, they cannot complete their review because some of the information they need is missing or incomplete.  I must complete and fax the required documents using an enclosed fax cover sheet or return using the enclosed FedEx envelope.  They must receive the information no later than April 19, 2012:

Bank Statements for verification of Receipt of Income – A copy of two (2) most recent, consecutive months of bank statements — all pages — evidencing receipt of payment of income (for example, rental, boarder, Social Security, disability, pension, unemployment, alimony, child support, etc.).

Can someone PLEASE tell me what is wring with this picture?

04/06/2012 – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser.

04/09/201201:19 PM – Left another message for Christopher Funkhouser.

04/09/2012 – 02:14 PM – S/w Christopher Funkhouser : He said to disregard that letter because it may have been because of a cross when we were working on the same thing.

05/03/2012 – 09:57 AM – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser.

05/04/2012 – 09:03 AM – Christopher Funkhouser called me this morning to let me know I wasn’t forgotten about.  He said my bank statements were good and that he would escalate next week if he doesn’t hear anything back from them by then.

05/31/2012 – 1:38 PM – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser.

06/01/2012 – 12:12 PM – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser.

06/05/2012 – 1:01 PM – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser.

06/05/2012 – 1:04 PM – Left a message for Antoine McNair (his Supervisor).

06/05/2012 – 4:52 PM – Christopher Funkhouser returned my call and told me that they declined my loan because I didn’t get my statement in on time though he sees that they were. He is putting in an appeal…

6/11/2012 – Received Decline Letter from BOA dated June 08, 2012 letting me know the next steps to to help me prevent forclosure (Short Sale & A Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure).  It also mentions the reason my loan was not eligible:

“You are not eligible for a Home Affordable Modification because you did not provide us with the documents we requested…”

06/12/2012 – 8:18 AM – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser.

06/12/2012 – When I arrived home today, I had received another letter form BOA stating:

“Your loan is not eligible for a non-HAMP modification for the same reason(s) your loan was ineligible under the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) guidelines.  Please refer to the notice we sent you about your request for a HAMP modification to identify such reason(s).”

06/13/2012 – 10:42 AM – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser concerning that last received letter from BOA.

06/15/2012 – 11:52 AM – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser.

06/15/2012 – 11:55 AM – Left a message for Antoine McNair’s manager, Johnny McCord (Antoine is Christopher’s manager who will not be back to the office until June 18th).

06/18/2012 – 12:02 PM – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser.

06/18/2012 – 02:26 PM – Christopher Funkhouser called me back – He said that was the letter he was waiting on so now he could proceed with the appeal. It will be another 2 to 3 weeks when I will hear back on the results. Meanwhile he will follow up next week.

07/12/2012 – 12:15 PM – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser.

07/18/2012 -10:40 AM – Left a message for Christopher Funkhouser.

07/18/2012 -10:42 AM – Called and spoke with Antoine McNair, Christopher Funkhouser’s supervisor who said that Christopher was in an available. He got him on the phone – S/w Christopher Funkhouser:  He wrote out an email to Antoine McNair who will escalate it to the Making Homes Affordable division while I was waiting. It was concerning the package I should have received dealing with how much the payments are going to be if approved.  (Note: Everything prior to this was approved.)  Chrisopher will call me back on Friday at the latest and sooner if he gets something.

07/30/2012 – 04:51 PM – About 2 weeks later, Christopher Funkhouser left me a message on my cell phone, that was turned in for repair, wanting me to call him back . I discovered the message when I received it on 08/07/2012.  He didn’t call my work nor home number though my work number is what he has always called me on which was also understood.

8/6/2012: I received a letter that was dated July 31, 2012:

My name is Brandon Jackson and I am your new Customer Relationship Manager at Bank of America, N.A., you home loan servicer.I will continue the work you started with your previous Customer Relationship Manager with the same goal of pursuing every available option to assist you with your home loan.

In most cases, we assign new Customer Relationship Managers when the associate you previously worked with has moved to another position or in order to make sure you are assigned to the associate that specializes in your loan type.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I will be in contact with you soon.If you would like to speak with me right away, please call me directly at 1-800-669-6650.Please remember to have your loan number available when you call.

I look forward to working with you.


Brandon Jackson

Customer Relationship Manager

Bank of America, N.A.

Note:The letter was unsigned.

8/8/2012 – 2:53 PM – Called BOA to speak with Brandon Jackson. Someone named Ken answered, got all my information and then told me what Mr. Jackson’s Phone and extension was: 877-471-4370 Ext 5867

He then transferred me.The voice system asked me for the 6 digit extension which I couldn’t provide because the one he supplied me was only 4 digits. It then hung up on me.

8/8/2012 – 3:06 PM – Called BOA and spoke with Sandra: She says the extension that was supplied to them is the only one they have.So, she said to email him with my information and he will give me his extension number. She then said she would email him and he would get back to me, meanwhile, she advises, credit and late charges will continue…

08/13/2012 – 12:43 PM – Spoke with Julie : Inquired on Brandon Jackson – She said as of Aug 6th, he has been removed because the file is no longer under review – OMG! – She said I can call him at 877-471-4370 Ext 5867 – I tiold her that the extension is invalid so she gave me his supervisor’s number: Lisa Jones 716-635-7169.  Left a message fior her and the emergency number for Melissa @ 716-568-5503.

08/13/2012 – Recieved a letter drom BOA dated August 6, 2012:

Thank you for your participation in the home loan assistance process. Due to a recent change (I wonder what this means.. as usual, I am kept in the dark) in the status of your home loan assistance request, you will no longer be assigned to a dedicated, single point of contact. In the future, if you have any questions or require further assistance concerning your home loan, please call 1-800-669-6607, Monday-Friday 7a.m. – 8p.m. Local Time.

We apprectiate the opportunity to serve your home loan needs.

Brandon Jackson
Customer Relationship Manager
Bank of America, N.A.

08/14/2012 – 02:36 PM – Brandon Jackson called me and told me he was transferred to me as my point of contact from Christopher Funkhouser back on August 1 but they took him off as well so there is no one dedicated to my case any longer. He also said that since the appeal, no one was looking at the loan. It was actually just sitting there. So, now he is making sure that it goes to the Loan Moderation team and will let me know how it is going when anything changes. I requestedf he call me at least once a wekk so I am not left in the dark like this. He agreed. He also said that I may have to submit updated paperwork because of the length of time that is passing…  I also gave hiim my work, cell, and home number to ensure that I get contacted when there are any changes and so they don’t acuse me of not being able to be contacted which would lead to my loan being disapproved…

08/16/2012 – Received a letter from BOA today dated August 15, 2012:

Thank you for contacting us on June 18, 2012 regarding the Making Home Affordable Program. Based on our initial review, we would like to provide you with the following update:

  • The resolution of your escalated case has been delayed due to additional processing time needed for this case.  We apologize for the delay and we are diligently working to get it resolved. We will continue to update you every 15 days until we have resolved your escalated case.

If you have questions or would like to discuss the above resolution, please call us at 1.866.422.5871 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., or Sunday 3 p.m. to 12 a.m. Eastern.  You canalso seek assistance at no charge from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development- approved housing counselors by calling the HOPE Hotline Number (1.888.995.HOPE). Assistance in understanding this notice is available through the HOPE Hotline by asking for MHA HELP.

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your home loan needs and we are committed to working with you.

Home Loan Team
Bank of America, N.A.

08/29/2012 – 04:18 PM – S/w Desi of BOA : She got in touch with Brandon Jackson through email 22 minutes later. She said he will get in touch with me by end of business today.

08/30/2012 – 01:51 PM – S/w Jennifer of BOA – She left another message for Brandon Jackson to get in touch with me – She also requested an escalation and which I will have an answer back within 72 business hours.

08/31/2012 – Received BOA Letter dated: August 29, 2012 – Same as the letter above dated August 15, 2012

Bank of America Home Retention Program is Fraudulent



Bank of America Hell

Please join my Facebook group! In 2008 I became a single mother to four children. As you´d expect, there were financial hardships as a result of our separation and ultimate divorce. In April of 2009 I was ONE month behind on my mortgage and called to see if I could have that month´s payment deferred. That call began 16 months of Bank of America loan modification hell. It is still ongoing. Even though I had only called asking for a month´s deferment, the woman on the phone suggested I apply for a loan modification saying ”it couldn´t hurt to try.” How wrong she was! As a result of Bank of America ”helping” me, what was once only one month in arrears has swelled to almost $26000 in arrears. And even though Bank of America told me repeatedly that they would not just expect me to come up with the arrearage amount should I be declined a modification, telling me there were other programs in place to help with the back due amount, that is exactly what they are doing. If I don´t pay the $26000, they will take my house. I made every modification payment early and I sent every document ever requested of me. I have 16 months worth of audio recordings chronicling the hell Bank of America has put me through. In the end, they are going to screw me and my four children out of our home, even though the only thing I did wrong was to follow their advice for assistance. This audio recording is just the latest in the continuing Bank of America saga. I will be happy to share …

Couple Beats Bank Of America!

A Florida bank tried to foreclose on a house that was fully paid for in cash. The homeowners took their case to court and won, and then things got interesting. Cenk Uygur explains. On Facebook: Subscribe: TYT Mobile: On Twitter: FREE Movies(!): Read Ana´s blog and subscribe at: Read Cenk´s Blog:

Bank of America Home Retention Program is Fraudulent

Bank of America Home Retention Program is Fraudulent, BOA ComplaintsBank of America Complaints, Bank of America Home Retention Program, Making Homes Affordable

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